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✗ 30 x Scarlet Witch beingn darn tootin' scarlet

» ...keep calm and saturate on.

red red red red red red red )

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Yo — in light of yesterday's tragedy in Nepal (7.8-magnitude earthquake, 6.7-magnitude aftershock today; estimated 2,300 killed and 5,900 wounded), I'd like to offer my iconing & drawing services in exchange for donations to any Nepal earthquake relief fund / organisation that you are comfortable supporting.

Coloured manga, LA, anime, video, anything goes.


I don't have a set price for this, as I'm aware everyone has budget restrictions and the objective is to raise as much as possible within those limits. Whatever you feel is fair.

Art-wise, I can offer photo-realism pieces and some concept art. This stuff takes me a good few hours ( 5 - 20 h for realism pieces ), so please bear that in mind.

If you're interested in anything, just drop me a comment here or pp me @ [ profile] exar with what you'd like done, and we can definitely chat.


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✗ 10 x Matsuoka Rin's embarrassing over-the-top crying face

» ...yep.

'wah wah wah' seems about appropriate. )

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✗ I'll-count-later-# icons

» ...idek all their names, man. all of them. and the cat. and some fishies.

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✗ 53 icons

» bert, connie, eren, hannes, jean, keith, mikasa, reiner, sasha, ymir
» groups, titaaaaaans, eren's eye

i reckon titan*ic* jokes might be inappropriate )


May. 12th, 2013 02:31 am
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✗ 114 icons

» bruce banner [38]
» loki [32]
» tony start [32]
» thor [12]

Much obliged to the amazing people at for their beautiful caps!

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b a l s a m o